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$ Our Pastebin (fiche) is Up and Running!

by pp | 2018-07-25

Hello, dailyprog.org now has a pastebin to help you share code, notes, errors, and whatever other textual data you can think of between your contributors, coworkers, or friends. Using the pastebin is easy! Try it out with:

echo "look at me I am a genius" | nc dailyprog.org 6969

We use an alias on the server that can be helpful for sending things to the pastebin.:

alias dpf="(exec 3<>/dev/tcp/dailyprog.org/6969; cat >&3; cat <&3; exec 3<&-)"

with this you can just pipe something into dpf like so:

echo "wow now it's even easier" | dpf

Under the hood, we are running fiche, the same pastebin-server as termbin.com. for more examples on usage, check out their repository.