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$ The /g/ Meetup

by thewhitelion | 2018-07-30

Hey everyone,

I have been asking around /g/ and /g/ related IRC channels about the idea of a meetup for /g/ users and the responses have been promissing! many seem to be interested in participating in a meetup. Location is important for a meetup and since we all live in different parts of the world we must come to an agreement of where to meet; speaking for myself, I live not far from Tacoma, Washington, but I am able to travel as far as Seattle or even Portland, Oregon, if there are at least a handful (6) of /g/’s around my area I am willing to organize a meetup for us.

If we do meet up with each other, here are a number of activities we could do:

  1) Build a LAN - bring your own PC (desktop or laptop) and join the G-net! We could share our files with each other,
such as pictures or videos or source code, or we can play LAN vidya!
  2) Eat food! - Dominoe’s pizza is delish.
  3) CTF - a CTF competition, the winner will earn the title of ‘Hacker’ and be awarded a prize.
  4) Presentations - step up to the podium and tell everyone about the subject of your speech.
  5) Workshop - start a programming project together and work on it as a team.

If you are interested in a meetup, make a post in the /g/ meetup thread at 4chan.org/g/ or join one of the /g/ IRC channels on Rizon: #/g/dpt, #/g/meetup, and #/g/technology. Ultimately, if we are not able to find a good location where to meet up, we can always ‘meet’ in cyberspace, such as with VRChat.

/g thread: boards.4chan.org/g/thread/66943788

   The White Lion