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$ Kenster announces Flatlanders Hyperreality Network

by kenster | 2018-08-01

Hey guys, I worked really hard building this network. It combines ideas I’ve had for a VERY long time (ever since working for Proboards Inc, the largest forum software host in the world). My goal is to eventually create an interactive journey through hyperspace. It will be an experience like no other.

The network

For right now, it combines ideas from networks like Reddit, Stumpleupon, and Tumblr into an interesting combination with a few unique features, namely the following:

Join flatlanders

Most of the value of a network comes from its people. I am of the opinion that once this reaches a certain scale, and I am unable to speak to every single person using it, that those people that saw what I was doing and were there to make that early step to sign up will be the ones explaining to others what I have done. So I invite you, dear reader, to join me. I invite you to be one of the first early access beta testers that get to try this thing before there’s any content.

A content discovery platform needs quality content for it to be valuable at all. That’s why for the first 2 weeks, sign ups are completely open and anyone that signs up during this period will get TEN invites. Yes, that’s right, TEN invites. With these invites you’ll hopefully be able to invite all of your friends that didn’t get a chance to sign up.


   Kenster (aka Kingherring)