the community teletext service

Teefax is a service run by enthusiasts. It can be viewed if you have a Raspberry Pi and a teletext TV. Some would say that it is the only way to view teletext.
Install Teefax on your Pi with these instructions: VBIT2 Wiki
However, for those of you who are technologically challenged, Teefax also has a web presence at the Teefax web page

What else is in the teletext toolkit?
Here are some ideas

VBIT is the teletext streaming engine behind the Teefax client. When combined with raspi-teletext it can create a teletext signal suitable for televisions. wxTED is the editor that lets you create pages for VBIT.

The Selfie generator creates a teletext page directly from your webcam. Live subtitles are possible with my speech to subtitles page.

VBIT and the Newfor project can play out prerecorded Subrip caption files so you can run your own 888 service. See this YouTube demo. Github has more projects for you to browse

Other heroes of teletext

Highlighting three key players. There are many more

Jason Robertson

Decoding teletext from old video tapes, bringing back pages that were once thought to be gone forever

Dan Farrimond

Promoting teletext as an artist and bringing people together for teletext events

Alistair Buxton

Programmer who created raspi-teletext, the software package that makes it possible to run teletext on a Raspberry Pi

Links to more awesomeness

Teletext resources from other people